I’ve been working in architecture since I started drafting during college and in my own practice since 1991.  I’ve been very lucky to have some wonderful clients to work with to create buildings and spaces for them.  When I'm not doing that I enjoy building or making things, or I’m enjoying life with my wonderful wife and 4 beautiful children.  They all keep me in line and laughing!

  As a family we have managed to squeeze in some road trips to see our beautiful country and some of the photos from those trips are sprinkled throughout this site.  Many of these places have provided great inspiration but I often don’t know how to turn the inspiration into something tangible.  I hope to figure it out someday and share the results here.  Thank you for taking the time.

Big-Vacation-2011 490.JPG

This is me, a few years ago, at one of my favorite man-made structures; Lucy the Elephant in Margate NJ.